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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mattress


When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, it’s no surprise that a suitable mattress is high up on the list of requirements. When you consider that a mattress has an average lifetime of 8-10 years, then it is one purchase that really is worth the investment. A cheap mattress is often false economy, unless it will be infrequently used, or slept upon by someone very young and light.

Your mattress should provide both comfort and support, and you should consider both the level of support and the best type of filling to meet your needs. Different levels of support are afforded by the choice of coil spring, pocket spring or an unsprung mattress such as memory foam or latex. The gauge of wire dictates the firmness of the mattress, with 13.5g being firm and 12.5g extra firm, whilst the upholstery fillings affect the firmness as well as comfort, luxury, and whether or not it needs to be turned regularly.

These fillings are most commonly used in good quality mattresses:-

1. Cotton
Soft and cool, cotton is highly breathable and wicks away moisture for coolness and comfort. Cotton is most commonly found within the top layer of the mattress to offer a cushion of comfort above the mattress springs.

2. Wool
Wool is a breathable filling that keeps you cool during the summer and warm during cold winter nights. Wool is often used as a casing around other mattress fillings to provide a plush and comfortable feel.

3. Silk
Luxurious silk offers enhanced comfort and moisture control, helping to create a cooler, fresher sleeping environment.

4. Horse Hair
Naturally airy and springy, horse-hair also has high resilience, resulting in an increase in the durability and lifespan of the mattress.

5. Cashmere, Camel and Alpaca
Softer and finer than everyday lambswool, cashmere, camel and alpaca offer a more luxurious feel. Used as part of the structure in high-end mattresses, these natural filling absorbs moisture to help keep you cool and dry.

6. Memory foam
Memory foam is a synthetic product with a dense composition that moulds to the body’s natural contours, providing relief for joint and back pain, it may feel a little warmer than other mattress fillings but it's a good option for those with allergies.

7. Latex
Latex mattresses are superbly comfortable, quality natural products. Latex is luxurious, perfectly supportive, and long lasting. 

Types of Mattress

Traditional Coil Spring mattresses contain one long piece of metal wire, coiled into springs. This mattress represents good value for money but has more ‘give’, therefore not as supportive. It’s a good choice for a guest room or for children and lighter weight sleepers.

Pocket Spring mattresses consists of individual, small springs, contained in their own pockets. It provides more support, and a ‘springy’ feeling, as each spring moves independently. Pocket Spring mattresses can be heavy so, if this is a concern, choose one that is ‘non-turn’.

An unsprung memory foam or latex mattress should be paired with a slatted base to allow circulation of air but a sprung mattress is suitable for any base.

Sharing a Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress which two people will share, it is worth investing in a pocket spring or an unsprung memory foam/latex mattress to reduce ‘roll together’. For a comfortable width, it’s recommended that both parties should be able to lay on their backs with hands behind their head without elbows touching.

If you are looking for a larger size mattress e.g. superking or emperor, our Zip link option allows you to choose different types of mattresses for each co-sleeper, but will also mean the mattress can be moved in two separate pieces. 

Body weight is an important factor when choosing a mattress, as a lighter person or child, would suit a coil spring or medium pocket spring and a heavier person would benefit more from a firm, pocket spring mattress.

Sleep Position
Sleep position is also a factor to be considered when selecting an appropriate mattress.

Side - The most common sleeping position, is a side position. A medium mattress will provide support when changing position whilst still moulding to the body.

Back - A medium-firm mattress could be beneficial as it will offer extra lower back support

Front - A firm mattress will help to maintain a relatively, comfortable and stable position to prevent lower back pain caused by the body 'sinking in'.

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