How to choose a bedframe for your bedroom

As specialist bed manufacturers we are happy to share the knowledge gained in 38 years of manufacturing.

Decide on the type of bed – Divan, metal beds, wooden bedstead, contemporary style, traditional, upholstered, inbuilt storage essential, electrically adjustable, oversized, unique, made to measure, twin, bunks, trundle the list is endless which means we can find the perfect solution for your needs.

Divan beds

divan bed

Advantages of divan beds -perfect base for spring mattresses; maximum sleeping area for space used; opportunity for capacious inbuilt storage; moveable on castors; readily available in any size and height; take fabulous headboards; display beautiful bed linen to advantage; use with or without valance; suit all decors and types of bedroom furniture.

Divan beds have been the favoured choice for decades thanks to their comfort, practicality, reliability and manoeuvrability all features which are great assets when choosing the correct bed. The type of base you choose will affect the performance of your mattress so ideally should be considered as a set. Divans can have inbuilt storage such as drawers or a lifting base top ottoman; they can be platform topped, sprung topped or slatted and fitted with castors or legs. Divans can be used with any style of headboard and fitted with a decorative valance alternatively they can be upholstered in the same fabric as the headboard for a smart tailored look.

Wooden bedsteads

wooden bedsteads bed

Wooden Bedsteads bring the natural beauty and strength of wood right to the heart of the bedroom be it in a traditional, contemporary, rural or urban setting.

A classic suite with matching bed looks very smart in a traditional setting; a more casual look is achieved with an eclectic selection of interesting pieces while a contemporary bedroom may only contain a bed with matching bedside cabinets.

The choice of wood can be equally as important as the style choice. Light hardwood beds such as ash, alder and beech can lighten a dark north facing bedroom and suit the smaller bedrooms in modern homes. Pine beds offer the greatest scope of colours from natural to painted or stained and may be the best choice for an informal relaxed air. Polished wood beds such as walnut, cherry and mahogany can look elegant in any setting. Oak beds are at home in country cottages or in urban lofts having feature oak flooring and woodwork.

Upholstered beds

upholstered bed

Upholstered beds can be truly unique whether they are contemporary or classic; they allow you to indulge in your favourite colour style etc.

The pride and pleasure felt by having your bed made especially for you is brilliant and well within most budgets.

There is no set style which must be obeyed no fashion to be slavishly followed so if you have found perfectly adorable fabric which you wish to co-ordinate with the bed or simply want a design not currently available then take this opportunity and make it happen. We enjoy working with clients on their projects freely offering as much or as little guidance as required.

Metal beds

metal bed

Metal beds combined with non sprung mattresses are particularly beneficial to asthmatics and allergy sufferers and are suitable for rooms prone to dampness or condensation. Metal beds are often chosen for their stylish designs both contemporary and traditional; they look enchanting dressed with beautiful bed linen and can be added to established bedrooms without compromising the existing furniture.