Mattress Sizes Guide

Choosing the correct mattress and size of bed is important with sleep essential to function properly. The more space you have and support which is suitable for you, the better night’s sleep you are likely to get. A mattress is ideally about 15cm longer than the tallest person to allow for the wrap of the sheets and duvet and give some space between your head and the headboard. Where possible we would also recommend you maximise your bed size to the available bedroom space particularly when sharing with someone. Our experienced staff at Robinsons Beds are happy to discuss your needs and advise you on specific requirements e.g. the best mattresses for a heavier person or for someone with a sore back.

The sizes below are for standard UK mattresses and divan beds. Please note mattress and bed sizes can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and country to country. It is worthwhile checking your exact bed and mattress sizes before ordering to ensure the perfect fit. For accuracy of measurements it is best to use the metric sizes and remember the bed frame may be larger than the actual space available for the mattress.

We can also make you any bespoke made to measure odd size mattress or bed for a small additional cost, just contact us with your requirements on 0141 632 1384 or email for a quote.

Standard UK Mattress sizes

Continental & US American Sizes