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An orthopaedic or hard mattress is often considered the best type of mattress for people suffering from bad or sore backs but these will not always help depending on the underlying causes of the back problem. No one type of mattress fits all and it is extremely important to understand why you have a sore back - it could be something as simple as your current mattress is too soft or too hard for you or is simply ‘done’ and needing replaced.

A mattress is a sound investment as many of us spend up to one-third of our week lying on it and the adverse effects of a poor night’s sleep include tiredness, irritability and even deteriorating health. Sleep is essential and without it we just can’t function properly so maybe it’s time to review your mattress needs to help treat or manage any back pain.

Ideally the right mattress for you is one on which you feel little or no pressure while supporting you in a neutral aligned position from head to heels. If the mattress is too firm it will be insensitive to any pressure points and if it is too soft it won’t properly support you causing aches and potentially back pain from prolonged poor posture as you lie in bed.

Generally the medical profession will recommend a firmer mattress for people with lower back pain however it is important to establish the correct degree of firmness taking into account your medical condition and cause of the back pain, your weight and even the needs of your partner as sharing a mattress can result in the mattress firmness being unsuitable for one of you. Harvard Medical School reported a study that found those people with lower back pain who slept on orthopaedic (very hard) mattresses had the poorest sleep quality compared to those who used medium-firm and firm mattresses.

With over 40 years’ experience making and selling mattresses we will have one suitable for you so please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice. If, for example, you are looking for a Kingsize mattress we have 20 types to choose from all made right here in our workshop so we know exactly what goes into each one and if need be we will make a bespoke mattress just for you. If you and your partner have different preferences we can also make Zip-Link mattresses so that you have exactly what you need on your side of the bed – the best of both worlds!

Choosing your mattress wisely should serve you well for many years to come and maybe just the solution you need to relieve back pain.


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