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Cool Mattresses for Summer


Are we at Robinsons HQ predicting a heatwave this summer you may ask? Just when you are hoping to get the lightweight summer duvet out of the cupboard we can’t make any promises. However whether it’s a warm summer’s night or an unsuitable mattress causing you to get too hot in bed and giving a restless night’s sleep, Robinsons Beds may have the answer. If you wish to stay cool while you sleep, we have developed two ranges of cool mattresses which can be made in any size you wish. All mattresses from Robinsons Beds are handmade in our factory here in the UK and sold direct to the public.

 Using Alpaca fibres generously layered within our superb Cloud Interactive and Baccarat Pocket Sprung mattress ranges, you can stay cool while you sleep with natural temperature control inbuilt. ‘Cool Wool’ indeed! As it’s a naturally renewable resource Alpaca fibre is a responsible product too. The Alpaca provides a sustainable fibre which is hypoallergenic, temperature regulating and adds an ultra soft and luxurious comfort layer to cushion you giving a welcome sleep solution. The fibres don’t retain body heat and moisture the same way some man-made materials and fibres do. Our Cloud Interactive and Baccarat mattresses are also ventilated providing consistent performance and a mattress that is responsive to your body temperature as you sleep, keeping you at a comfortable temperature all night long.

Within these sumptuous mattresses we have combined the naturally anti-allergenic Alpaca fibre filling with generous layers of cooling breathable teased cotton cushioning and covered each mattress with organic unbleached and hand-tufted cotton ticking. The result is a mattress with a naturally cool refreshing comfort level.

 Alpaca cool mattress

As practical in the summer as it is in the winter you’ll wish you had a coat made out of this stuff!  So if you get hot or over heat while sleeping, Robinsons Beds have a suitable pocket sprung mattress helping to keep you cooler during the night and feeling refreshed in the morning. Available to buy in our shop or online today.


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