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Wooden Bedroom Furniture


In this blog we’re talking about wooden bedroom furniture, in particular it will concentrate on complimentary bedroom furniture – chests of drawers and bedside tables. We’ll be discussing the latest styles and designs available on our online shop.

Benefits of wooden furniture

A major benefit of a good quality piece of wooden furniture is simply how hard wearing it is. It’s a solid material that will keep on looking good throughout the years, think of antique furniture, it’s almost always made from a combination of high quality workmanship and a good solid wood. Wooden furniture is built to last and if you invest in a great looking and well built piece there’s no reason you shouldn’t be passing it down through the many generations to come.

As wood comes in many shapes and forms it also therefore comes in a wide variety of colours – oak, mahogany and pine to name a few. This means that you can buy your wooden furniture in a colour that compliments the rest of your room and you’re not stuck to one type.

Wooden furniture is a traditional material but this doesn’t have to mean you have to have a traditional, classic style. As it’s such a versatile material it can be shaped, sculpted and moulded into many different designs from simple, sleek modern designs to intricate more antique styles as our examples below will demonstrate.

Wooden Chest Of Drawers

We have a good range of chest of drawers on our site in both contemporary and traditional styles.


Wesley Chest of Drawers

For traditional tastes we have the Wesley chest of drawers with it’s simple design and classic build (5 drawer chest) all topped off with traditional handles.

For something even more classic we have the Sorrento Gentleman’s Dresser which has a real antique feel to it with smooth curves, beautifully rich walnut veneer and elegant design. This wouldn’t look out of place in Buckingham Palace it’s that beautiful and ornate! As if that wasn’t enough, it has a really functional design with loads of storage and a built in desk.


Contemporary Drawers with Mirror

If you’re after something more trendy and modern then we are pleased to say we stock some of Italy’s finest contemporary designers all of whom have a very fine eye for detail and the ability to design investment pieces of furniture that are both trendy and functional for today’s modern home.

One of our favourite items is the Torino chest of drawers, a variation of the traditional chest of drawers design that whispers ‘contemporary design’ in an understated but unmissable way. These drawers are completed with a sleek, polished finish and we think it looks fabulous in cherry oak.

Bedside Cabinets

A bedside cabinet will finish off a room and is a must for any bedside. Without a beside table where would you keep those half read books, bedside lamps and the all important alarm clock?! The design you choose for your bedside table will most likely take it’s cue from the design of your bed though you shouldn’t be afraid to mix materials and styles. A contemporary designed wooden bedside table can look fantastic next to a metal bed so don’t feel you have to stick to everything matching perfectly when you are choosing your new bedroom furniture.


One of our popular sellers is the County bedside table which has a traditional feel and would look perfect in a country cottage. The County bedside table would compliment many different rooms and styles due to it’s popular and inoffensive design.


Contemporary Lamp

If you would prefer a design that’s super stylish and more than a little appealing to the eye then our online shop has a treat in-store for you in the gorgeous shape of the Dominique bedside cabinet. This amazing design not only comes in 16 colours but you can also choose form a range of sizes and a mammoth 28 different choice of top! This piece can easily be customised to become the cabinet of your dreams with just a few design decisions of your own!

If you don’t like the look of full on bedside cabinets why not try the Italian designed Anita bedside table w


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