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End of British Summertime - How to use that extra hour


Could you do with one more hour of sleep? BST 2015 comes to an end at 2am on Sunday 25 October and as the clocks go back and winter approaches with its shorter, darker evenings there is at least the bonus of an extra hour that day. So what are your plans for making the most of this valuable hour? Having taken a poll of the staff at Robinsons HQ here are some of their suggestions (in no particular order!):

  • Sleep in (to be fair we are very busy and the staff do work hard!)
  • Get on your bike and use the opportunity for a longer cycle (guy with the big thighs idea)
  • Take that last daytrip before the shorter days and British winter weather take hold (disclaimer – in no way are Robinsons Beds guaranteeing decent weather on Sunday, 25th October 2015!!)
  • Visit our showroom feeling refreshed after that extra hour’s kip (boss’s favourite this one!)
  • Take a leisurely stroll down for the Sunday papers
  • Go out for brunch - you’ll be hungry with that extra hour before lunch!
  • Play with the kids (or just let them watch an extra hour’s TV for some peace and quiet)
  • Go to your DIY store and buy a snow shovel and de-icer (this was dismal Dave’s suggestion)
  • Rake up the leaves in the garden while drinking a steaming cup of your favourite coffee
  • Get on the internet and book a winter sun holiday
  • Wash the car (dismal Dave says this is a waste of time as the winter salt and dirt from the roads will soon have it dirty again!)
  • Treat the dog - take him for a long walk! 

Well we’ve all clearly different ideas of how best to spend that extra hour – what’s yours?

British Summertime Ends



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