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Why buy a Memory Foam Mattress?


There is nothing more restorative or invigorating than a good night’s sleep and there are many benefits to using memory foam mattresses. Like all technology, mattresses have moved on from the basic sprung mattresses to those made from space age memory foam or a combination of both for that ultimate luxury. Apart from having therapeutic and pressure relieving properties memory foam is also anti-bacterial and does not attract allergy causing dust mites.

It may surprise you to find out that memory foam started off as a technology developed by a Swedish company for NASA as a solution to protect astronauts from the huge g-forces and to absorb the high pressures they could encounter on missions. The composition of memory foam has the ability to envelop and support weight.  Moving away from space travel these qualities are the reason why memory foam makes such comfortable mattresses; it evenly supports and distributes the individual’s weight across the mattress reducing the risk of pressure sores.

memory foam mattresses

Now widely available and affordable memory foam is popular both in the home and in hospitals where it is sought after by medical professionals because of its propensity to efficiently assist bed bound patients by preventing and relieving painful and hard to treat pressure sores. It is very popular with those who suffer from back or joint pain. Reacting to heat, memory foam is also good for those who have difficulties in sleeping because they get too hot during the night. The correct type of foam can help absorb and distribute heat giving you a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep. We particularly like the combination of pocket springs with a generous layer of memory foam on top giving the best of both worlds such as our ‘Ultimate Pillow Top 2000 mattress.’

What advice would we give to a customer looking to purchase a mattress with memory foam?  It would be the same as we give any customer planning on buying a new bed or mattress - try, try and try again.  Come in to our showroom and try lying on our wide selection of mattresses and see which one is immediately comfortable…… memory foam could be just what you’ve been looking for!









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