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Too hot in bed? Tips to beat the summer heat


Keeping cool in bed during hot weather can be a problem leading to a disturbed night’s sleep. Combined with shorter nights it’s no wonder some of us have difficulty sleeping when temperatures soar. Here we share some of our top tips to help with a better night’s sleep:

  • A lower tog duvet might do the trick. Alternatively lie under a cooler 100% cotton sheet or within a cotton duvet cover just like a lightweight and spacious sleeping bag!


  • Keep curtains and blinds closed during the day to reflect out some of that direct heat keeping your bedroom cooler and, if you can, open windows to benefit from any breeze.


  • It could be your mattress is too warm and not so breathable. Some mattresses have insufficient ventilation and less forgiving fillings and covering fabrics. We can recommend some of our top quality handmade mattresses which combine naturally cooling organic cotton ticking, cotton padding and alpaca fibres or those mattresses we cover with Coolex, a state of the art fabric that keeps the body at a steady temperature by allowing rapid moisture evaporation.

coolex fabric ticking

  • If you are thinking of a new bed, a bed frame with a wooden slatted base helps with air circulation under the bed and less heat retention below you.


  • Invest in an affordable desk top fan which helps to circulate the air in the bedroom giving a cooling effect.


  • You could try half filling a hot water bottle with cold water and chilling it in the freezer before bedtime!


  • Run cold water over your pulse points on your wrists and your feet and place a cold damp cloth on the back of your neck, you may be surprised how well these work!

Hope this blog article helps you get those needed zzzz’s but whatever methods you choose we DO NOT recommend this method!

too hot in bed


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