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Comfy Reading (and Eating!) in Bed


If you like to read in bed you know the problem of trying to get comfy propping yourself up on enough pillows while finding somewhere handy to lay your steaming cup of tea without spilling it. A possible duvet disaster darling! Somewhere to lay down the buttered toast or croissant on that lazy Sunday morning would be great while trying to turn the pages of that floppy broadsheet. This is where a functional bed would be perfect and we think we have found the answer to both of these timeless dilemmas. The modern Wellemobel Chiraz bed has adjustable headrests for all models and an optional fold down centre table for superking and emperor size beds. The best ‘read in bed’ bed ever!

 Wellemobel Chiraz Montage


Don’t blame us if the multi-functional fold down table comes down just before lights out, we’re sure the designer didn’t intend it to send the message ‘Not to night dear...’


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