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Mattress affecting your golf swing?


Do you want to get up for golf or get out of bed without those niggling aches and pains? Many couples ‘make do’ with the mattress that suits one of them more than the other and you may be no different. We all have different needs for support, bearing in mind our personal sleeping positions, weight and general posture. Perhaps your better half prefers a soft, plump mattress that she can sink into but you need something firmer. I wouldn’t let the wrong putter or driver affect my game so why my mattress? It takes years of practise to get that handicap down!

A good night’s sleep is essential to re-energise you daily so it’s equally important you use the right equipment that recognises the needs of those on both sides of the bed. Look no further, the solution could be here. Have you considered a Zip Link mattress from Robinsons Beds?  Have each side made to your own individual requirements from soft through to extra firm; Robinsons Beds can make your ideal combination as we make all our mattresses to order.

Zipped mattress      

The Zip Link mattress from Robinsons Beds neatly brings the two sides together into one unit to fit your bed or bed frame whether it’s a kingsize or superking (bespoke sizes are available on request). It allows you both to choose and enjoy your own comfort preferences and can help eliminate any unwanted ‘roll together’. A Zip Link mattress from Robinsons Beds is tailored just for you and isn’t something you can readily purchase off the shelf from the large ‘shed’ or chainstore shops. We truly take all your needs and wishes into consideration and make it just for you.  Here's an example of one of our mattresses that comes with a zip-link optionIf you prefer, it is also possible with some combinations to have the mattress made as one unit without the zip.

Don’t compromise on a comfy restful night’s sleep or that Golf Handicap! Standing on the First tee loose and ready to go, the rest is up to you………


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