Silhouette Interactive Pocket Spring Mattress (Medium) 150cm

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The Silhouette Interactive mattress with memory foam and pocket springs is both sumptuous and supportive. Our mattress rating system places the handmade Silhouette Interactive mattress in a medium firmness category. 

Features of this king size mattress include: -

  • Agro's Interactive dual pocket spring unit (German)  
  • Innofa's Coolex temperature control fabric   
  • British Vita‘s Vasco (memory foam) 
  • Cool breathable insulating layer 
  • Thick dust free protective layer  
  • Generous quantity of handles and brass ventilators 
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial dust and mildew resistant. 
  • British Fire and Safety Regulation compliant to Crib 5 
  • Manufacturer Robinson's Beds
  • 10 Year Guarantee  
  • Quick delivery
  • Compliant with current Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations

Recommended mattress protector

King size: width 150cm length 200cm depth 25cm (longer options)

The sumptuous Silhouette has an immediate appeal with its supportive springing and luxurious padding making it the perfect choice for long lasting luxury.This mattress addresses the overheating issue which can cause disturbed sleep. This fresh approach allows better air circulation through the Interactive springs, heat dissipating Coolex fabric and extra vents.

Our pocket springs give excellent support allowing your back muscles to rest while supporting your spinal column in the correct position, the feature German dual Interactive system combines lighter surface springs with a nested lower layer creating a unique level of luxury. Vita’s Visco elastic is a wonderful medium for moulding with your body allowing it to relax more deeply as the pressure on your neck and joints is reduced.

The Support - at the heart of the Silhouette mattress is an Agro German Interactive count pocketed springs unit, outstanding for its high level of point elasticity, which means that only the actual load-bearing springs compresst to provid the optimum support during sleep. Each spring is encased in a pocket acting silently and independently so there is no disturbance or “roll together.”

The Comfort - British Vita’s Vasco provides a now well proven level of comfort undreamt of previously. Visco elastic is temperature sensitive and works with the heat of your body to mould your sleep surface, the benefits of this system are often best appreciated by those with neck or upper body discomfort which may be relieved by having their weight more evenly distributed. By minimizing pressure points memory foam allows for less tossing and turning which means a more restful and refreshing night’s sleep.

Vita is the brand leading British licensee of this amazing NASA’s space technology product which was originally designed for astronauts’ comfort.

The Ventilation - this important part, essential in a good mattress, is well provided for with 10 brass ventilators around the sides to allow maximum evaporation.

The Ticking - or covering is Innofa’s knitted stretch deep pile “Coolex” fabric a state of the art product which complements memory foam perfectly by allowing the correct stretch necessary to allow for flexibility. Coolex keeps the body at a healthy, steady temperature by allowing rapid moisture evaporation. We also love the look and feel of this extremely durable fabric which helps to make our mattresses look as good as they feel.

While the Silhouette is a non turn mattress it will retain its maximum level of comfort if rotated fairly regularly.

We always recommend the use of a breathable mattress protector.

Your mattress can prevent long-term disc damage and relieve muscle tension so choosing the correct one is important; please contact us to discuss any concerns about your decision.
The right mattress for you should adapt in an anatomically correct way to your body’s contours and support the spinal column in all sleeping positions allowing the inter vertebral discs the correct alignment.

Robinsons' Beds is a family firm which has been producing high quality mattresses and beds for our most discerning clientele since 1975. Our mattresses are produced by our own highly skilled craftsmen using the finest European materials thus ensuring the maximum comfortable lifespan for your investment in this quality product.