Longer Length Single Divan Beds

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  • 91 X 213cm

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If you are looking for a longer length single divan bed perhaps for the taller person or to properly fill the available space in an attic bedroom, we will make you a made to measure divan bed base and matching longer length mattress handmade in our workshop at great prices. Our quality single divan beds come in any custom size, width, height and length along with the best type of mattress for you. The base comes in a choice of 4 colours in addition to white. For a longer standard width single divan bed: -

1] Choose the length
2] Select a mattress type
3] Choose from storage or non-storage base options

We have priced a few popular longer length options online. Feel free to 'phone, email or visit our showroom to discuss your requirements if you require any guidance or wish to order more specific lengths, bed height or width or type and firmness of mattress.
One bed is shown in standard white with an ottoman storage base the other is shown in Range A fabric.

sales@robinsonsbeds.co.uk or 'phone 0141 632 1384

1] Popular non-standard single bed lengths -

  • 3' wide x 6' 6"  (91cm x 198cm)
  • 3' wide x 6' 9"  (91cm x 206cm)
  • 3' wide x 7' 0"  (91cm x 213cm)     
  • N.B. All measurements are approx.

2] Choice of Handmade Mattresses include -

  • SUNDOWN - A medium support coil sprung mattress ideal for a child, youth or guest room thanks to its quality and value for money. The support comes from the 5 turn 13.5 gauge Bonnell coil springs and thick felt insulation pads. 3 Year Guarantee.
  • LUXURY FIRM - A medium firm support coil sprung mattress popular for older children and for commercial use in hotels and guest houses. The support comes from the 5 turn 13.5 gauge Bonnell coil springs with thick layers of felt insulation and extra padding and has a cotton ticking.  5 year Guarantee.
  • HORIZON ORTHO - An extra firm support entry level coil sprung mattress ideal for those who prefer more support which comes from the 5 turn 12.5 gauge Bonnell coil springs generously covered with felt insulation padding and polyester. 3 year Guarantee.
  • SKYE INTERACTIVE - A medium support pocket sprung mattress with natural fillings of soft lambswool and silk. Support comes from the high quality German dual interactive pocket spring unit. 10 year Guarantee.
  • ULTIMATE PILLOW TOP - A firm support non-turn luxury pocket sprung mattress with memory foam topper and Coolex temperature control ticking. The individual pocket springs provide complete support and the memory foam relieves pressure points easing pressure on joints and reducing muscle tension. 10 year Guarantee.
  • PRIMO INTERACTIVE - A medium support dual interactive pocket sprung mattress for targeted support with a generous layer of natural latex to ease potential pressure points and includes extra ventilation and heat dissipating channels for cooller comfort. 10 year Guarantee.

A high-grade mattress is made to fit your body, not your body fit the mattress. The correct mattress for you should adapt in an anatomically correct way to your body’s contours and support the spinal column in all sleeping positions allowing the inter vertebral discs the correct rest. Your mattress can prevent long-term disc damage and relieve muscle tension so choosing the correct one for your bed is important. You may select any of our sprung mattresses for your bed.   

  Bed Base features include -

  • Padded platform top
  • Castors or optional wood legs/aluminium feet
  • 5 Year guarantee
  • Durable high quality upholstery
  • Suitable for use with any of our sprung mattresses
  • Storage options - 2 drawers or ottoman 

3] Storage Options - The divan base may be built with inbuilt storage drawers which are most useful for conveniently storing the bed's linen or simply for bringing extra drawers to your bedroom without any loss of comfort or floor space. The ottoman provides a massive extra cupboard without losing any of the bed's comfort so if space in your home is at a premium this could be essential. Unlike drawers the ottoman is stoutly constructed to bear reasonably heavy loads and bulky items.

Quick Delivery.

Please note the headboard is not included in the price. We have a great selection of upholstered headboards, fabric wall panels and wooden headboards available to complete your bed.

Robinsons' Beds is a family firm which has been producing high quality mattresses and beds for our most discerning clientele since 1975. Our quality divan beds and mattresses are produced by our own highly skilled craftsmen using the finest European materials thus ensuring the maximum comfortable lifespan for your investment.

We deliver throughout the UK including to London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Cardiff, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Kent, Surrey, East & West Sussex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Bedford, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, County Durham, Lincolnshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon & Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Cheshire, Shropshire, the Midlands, Norfolk & East Anglia, the North West of England, Strathclyde, Lanarkshire, Perthshire, Argyll & Bute and the Highlands of Scotland. We can also ship to mainland Europe.